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‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ — Neale Donald Walsh

Martin Taylor

Hello, and welcome to my website caring for soul: counselling and psychotherapy. My name is Martin, a qualified and experienced integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, practicing in Southfields, South West London. I hope you will find the following information useful and practical in your search for a therapist.

Sometimes we experience events or stresses in life that can be difficult to manage. Counselling and psychotherapy could help you find clarity, understanding and relief and a way of reaching your potential. There could be many different reasons for seeking therapy. Here are some examples:

Abuse – Trauma – Bereavement & Loss – Social Anxiety – Depression – Relationship problems – Anger – Stress – Lack of confidence – Lack of fulfilment – Low Self-esteem – Life complexities and difficulties – Workplace difficulties – Disability & ill-health

Whatever may be the cause of your distress, counselling and psychotherapy can help you to understand and work through painful and overwhelming issues with a compassionate, trained professional.

Research has shown how important the relationship between you and your therapist is to its success, so it is important you find someone you can work with and trust.

Theoretical integration enables me to apply the theories I believe may work best in meeting clients’ needs within the therapy sessions.

Counselling cannot always solve all that concerns you, but it can, at the least, help you to have a better understanding of yourself and others, and perhaps provide strategies and tools that enable you to cope better with everyday life.

‘Life cannot go forward except from the place where one happens to be’ — Carl G. Jung

What you can expect to find on my website:

I am always happy to hear from those wishing to discuss whether the work I offer is appropriate to their needs. See my practicalities page for further details. Email or call me on 07788 908 327.